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One of the ideas behind this whole blog is that there comes this point in time where you’ve wanted to do something for a while, and finally, you are done with excuses and the desire to DO IT wins out. And you say IM DOING IT DAMMIT!

And I think there is something really useful about that amount of time that passes by while the desire grows stronger and stronger. Napoleon Hill talks a lot about the necessity of a “burning desire” in Think and Grow Rich. It is an intregal part of any type of success. And the Abraham Hicks folks talk about eagerness and desire, how those feelings are part of the process of manifesting what you want.

All that seems obvious enough. But I’ve noticed that over the past several months I’ve attempted many challenges after the bikram challenge. The bikram challenge was something I had wanted to do since I began practicing bikram three years ago. I had an absolute burning desire to do it. It became my complete focus during that month. It was almost easy! I desired to go to class each day. But since then I’ve tried a few different things: daily yoga stretching, daily meditation, 40 days of writing therapy, or just having fun each day. And each of those have been more challenging. Or, I just haven’t taken my committment to doing them daily quite as seriously. I think it’s because a lot have come from an idea: This would be good for me. Not: I am dying to do this.

There’s nothing wrong with any of this, of course. All of this has been such an interesting experience. The meditation continues to be extremely important. I did finish my 3 months of 15-minute meditations (mostly using guided tracks). It culminated in my extended holiday vacation with spending almost an hour doing various meditations! (Now I am working 40+ hours a week. Not so easy to keep this up daily. I miss it when I don’t do it.)

And the writing therapy opened up something for me too, though now I am in show-mode, focusing mostly on getting my show ready to go up at the PIT in a little over a week (GAH!). So I have dropped the ball a bit on that.

Making committments to DO STUFF seems to only reaaally work when it’s something I reaaaally want to do, and reaaaally commit to.

I am starting to see the importance of letting that desire build up a bit over time, rather than immediately being impulsive to committing myself to something in hopes of a breakthrough. Because when the time comes to really do it, I want to be ready to really do it.


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Just got this comment from a reader named Doron Diamond:

Starting January 1st, I will take the 30 day bikram challenge. I was inspired tonight, typed in “30 days of Bikram” on google, and got this blog. And it’s an inspiration. Some of what I find so interesting is when you talk about how you aren’t the sun blissed hippie you thought you would be after thirty days. That’s ok. Secretly, I think I was hoping for something like that, but I love the idea of losing that pesky resistance. I used to be in amazing shape when I was younger, and in the past 2 years (I’m 26 now) I’ve completely let myself go. I want it back (less the body and more the mental clarity and overall good feelings that came with exercise). After that maybe I’ll do the 30 days 30 songs thing I’ve wanted to do forever, but this is definitely a great start. You are an inspiration, and don’t call yourself selfish It isn’t becoming on you:)

-Doron Diamond (add me on facebook?)

2011 here I come!

Woohoo! That’s totally exciting! I’m psyched that you found this blog via a bikram 30-day challenge search and hope you found what you were looking for. It was a glorious gift to myself. I’m contemplating a new 30 (or 40-day, as Olia pointed out is the scientifically-proven amount of time it takes to make a lasting change) vinyasa yoga challenge.

I should add this to my list in the previous post. 🙂

Good luck Doron!! Keep us informed!

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Yesterday I completed my 30th straight day of the bikram yoga challenge!

I think all the lovely lessons I’ll be taking from this will be coming in slowly, here and there. For now, I am just acknowledging myself for setting out to do this, and doing it! I didn’t miss a single day.

One great thing is that every day of this month was different. I never knew what class would be like. I didn’t know if it would be extremely hot or challenging, or how I would rise to the occasion in class. But I just kept showing up, and I now know that I can handle any type of day or class, that whatever is happening in my life or in that room is something I can handle. It’s okay to sit down if I need to. It’s okay to drink gallons of coconut water afterwards.

Today I am taking the day off of yoga. I was tempted to keep going with this continuous yoga, but I told myself I’d do 30 days straight and I’m going to honor that. Now I get to play with how to make this a regular practice in my life—both the yoga and the challenge!

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Tomorrow is my 30th day of the bikram yoga 30-day challenge. It feels like it’s Christmas morning. I don’t know what to expect! What will be under my yoga tree?

I was talking to a friend today who was saying how sometimes experiences take a long time to set in how they have really helped you to grow. So right now, yes, there have been some great things I’ve picked up along with the way, including glimpses of totally loving myself, loving my practice, and actually getting it that I really can do anything I put my mind to. Those are good ‘uns. Keepers!

So I am curious to see how this experience will impact me in the long run. Only time will tell. I’m proud of myself for doing it. I really am! Now I want a massage! And some spiked hot chocolate!

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72 has always been my favorite number. Ever since I was a kid. I thought 7 was the prettiest number and 2 was the second prettiest. (A very specific system I had going on). I noticed one day that the yoga mat I rented said “27” on it. I was excited because I got Mat #27, which had my two lucky numbers in it. Then the next day, I got the same mat! Wow! And when I got another mat that said “27” I realized that every mat in the studio said “27.” The studio is actually on 27th street. So. That must be why… I guess that means that every single mat is a lucky mat!

Today is my 27th consecutive day of bikram yoga! Last night I went to a 7pm class. It was beautiful. Perhaps because it was a Saturday night and we were all spending it doing our yoga that it felt so peaceful in there. So, am I the most limber thing around? No!  I think my muscles are looking forward to taking a break because the past few days, I have really felt tight. But I am starting to see the results physically. I am definitely stronger in many poses and feel muscles in places that were previously home to flab and only flab. This is exciting.

Since today is my 27th day and I always take note of special numbers or signs from the Universe saying, “Keep going,” I thought today was a perfect day to look over some old-school wish lists. If you’ve read my old blog you’ll know that I am a big fan of Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way) and she suggests to write 10 wishes in health, spirit, relationships, creativity, career, possessions, and leisure.

I am really celebrating that I am finally achieving some of my wishes in the health category. I have found an exercise I absolutely love. I am getting stronger and leaner. I am going deeper into my yoga practice. I am drinking less alcohol (not much choice with all the fluids I lose!), eating better, and not smoking at all, choices I have basically been forced to make to support my yoga, which end up really supporting me. And I am actually starting to love my body, exactly as it is. Not wishing to lose 5 pounds or 10 pounds or be taller or have skinnier legs. I am loving the body I have, and the way I was made.

So with all of the wishing and the hoping and the planning, I am taking a day to not only make my wishes for whatever is next, but really express my gratitude and celebrate what this month has given me.

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The most surprising thing about doing this bikram 30-day challenge is that it truly has become my refuge. My friend Andrew gave me the advice at the beginning of the 30 days to “Take refuge in the practice.” There have maybe been one or two days that I haven’t felt like going, but for the most part, each day I really look forward to class. Some days when I am going to bed I am excited thinking about going to yoga the next day. Whoa! This is totally new! And unexpected.

I thought I would be walking about like a blissed-out hippie all the time… completely relaxed and at peace because of all the yoga. Nope. I still get stressed out, upset by ridiculous things, frantically late to various appointments, and find new and interesting ways of self-sabotage. But if I am stressed out at 4:15, and then go to a 4:30 class, by the time I am out at 6pm I feel like a million bucks.

I get to feel like a million bucks every day no matter what else is going on.

I thought the class would be the hardest part of each day, but it has become such a wonderful foundation to return to each day.

I think the greatest part about this 30-day challenge is that I am developing a yoga practice that I absolutely love.

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looking UP

I was on the phone yesterday chatting right before yoga and I started to freak out because I couldn’t find the studio that I’ve been going to every day. There’s a flag outside the building and it was no where to be found! Did it disappear? Was it like that day when all the Burritoville restaurants in Manhattan mysteriously shut down without a word to the customers?

Then I looked up and realized I was standing right under the giant flag. It was an analogy for something. I wasn’t sure what.

One thing I’ve heard over and over again in class is “Where your eyes go, your body will follow.” Most often this means to look UP! One of the early warm-up stretches is a super backbend. First you drop your head back and try and see the back wall. Then you reach your arms back and you try to see the back FLOOR. And, slowly over time, your body follows and you find yourself doing a seriously crazy-ass backbend.

That idea really sticks with me. You don’t have to know how your body is going to do it.  Just start by looking at where you want to go. Or, you’ll just stand there in the same place, unaware that if you just looked up you’d see it wasn’t so hard to get to the studio after all!

Today is Day 22! It’s like Mickey D’s. I’m LOVIN IT!

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