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As I mentioned in one of the previous blogs, I saw positive and new things entering my life towards the end of the fast and I was immensely grateful.  One manifestation that was long-coming was the installation of brand new floors into my apartment – the previous floors were 50+ years old and were crumbling, cracked and broken (muchas gracias to the managing agent and LL by the way)…..the contractors showed up on Day 6 of the Raw Food Diet to my apartment to install new bathroom tiles as well as to install the floor.  My wonderful boyfriend was there all day with them, amid chaos and chemicals…what  a gem of a guy.

So, here’s what happened.  5:30 a.m. Ring. The alarm clock goes off. And I spring out of bed, joyous and grateful.  Why?  Because I get to eat today, something I hadn’t been able to do for the last 3 days…..my boyfriend graciously made guacamole before 6:00 a.m. and we ate it with some raw chips that he had bought (food, glorious food!!!!).  I was in heaven.  The flavors exploded in my mouth and it was the most delicious guacamole that I had ever tasted.  We feasted.  Water. Green drink. Decaf. coffee.  Delicious Fruit Juice that I got to take with me to work.

We tried the dehydrated chips that my boyfriend had from raw potatoes, beets, kale, and sweet potatoes the night before, but they did not turn out well, they were rock hard…not sure what went wrong there….thank goodness for the store-bought chips.

I was in court the whole day on one case….it was a tough day and I was tired by the time I made it home.  I ate raw food all day and did not waiver, no cooked food for me thank-you-very-much.  Upon returning home, I walked into the house and it had been turned upside-down inside out as the workmen had put completely new tiles in the bathroom shower/tub area – (the walls behind the tiles had disintegrated down to the wire mesh and they had to clean up all of the debris and put up new walls, a job much larger than the ones they had anticipated).  That was it.  The end of the raw-food diet.  The chaos and confusion of my apartment along with the demanding nature of the day, made me crave cooked food – as comfort and solace for my weary spirit and mind.  So, we had a delicious ccooked meal, and I cannot remember what it was, but we also had cheese and crackers which I delightfully ate.  Yes, there was a salad too….and that was that. My Raw Food Diet ended about 1 1/4 days early.  The end.

Even though I didn’t finish, I learned a tremendous amount about myself and my body……My ears still ring, but my insides feel clean and I feel lighter.  I know that I cleaned a lot of chemicals out of the body and gave it a chance to rest.  I got a chance to experience how that feels.  I learned that  can survive for almost a week without eating any cooked foods.  I got through 2 ……dreaded enemas. Even though I swore that I would never do it again, I am contemplating it because I see the importance of allowing our digestive systems to rest and of cleaning out the toxic chemicals in our body.  Maybe next time I can give up milk.  I see possibilities of a future fast, something I said I would never do again.  Huh.  How about that?

In conclusion,  I commend and acknowledge and thank Elizabeth for graciously providing a forum where I can share this very new experience and for so patiently waiting for me to post it (after all, isn’t a blog supposed to be day-by-day?  Ooops, better late than never.  Thanks so much Elizabeth for creating this community, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

Love and Light. Marielena


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Well, here it was, Day 3 of the Fast.  I never thought that I would make it that many days without eating, and certainly not 5 days without eating cooked food.  But here I was. And I resolved to forge ahead, no stopping me now, just one more day to go.  The day was a busy one because I had clients, so my mind was less focused on food.  I consumed the usual….water, green drink, delicious fruit juice shake……

I did not do an enema on the third day even though it is generally recommended that enemas are done for all days of the fast in order to clean out the body.  My body was eliminating on its own (thank goodness) during this time….hmmm….what about my ears……how were they doing?  Well, they still were ringing…..(I’m sure the milk I was consuming during the fast did not add to unclogging them). Before we went to sleep, my boyfriend asked me to a headstand and held me upside down for several minutes.  Still ringing.  But I felt cleaned out inside and I felt lighter than I had in awhile, a good feeling.

As I was falling asleep, I had visions of guacamole dancing in my head.  Ooh la, la…tomorrow I would be able to eat raw food again, and I wanted the guacamole for breakfast even if that meant eating it at 5:30 in the morning.

To be continued………..

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As I sit here writing this, I have almost a fond memory of Day#2 of my fast while on the RawFood Diet.  Since the whole RawFood Diet undertaking, I see food in a whole different light and by no means take it for granted….

One thing that I remember from the fast is that my sense of smell sharply increased. At a distance and with my back turned, I could easily smell each fruit that my boyfriend was cutting up to prepare the shakes that we were drinking.  I guess this increased sense of smell is a biological effect/survival instinct from when we were much less evolved and needed to forage for our food…..

So, that said, here it is: Day 4 of the Raw Food Diet, Day 2 of the Fast.  I woke up that day with more thoughts of food dancing in my head but at the same time I felt a sense of pride that I was actually able to fast.  After all, I had made it through one whole day of fasting, something I never had done before in my life.  The day started off well – we had the kale-parsely-celery drink, followed by a delicious fruit juice shake, and then decaf. coffee again with milk and honey (not the typical fast!).  I did another enema, a kind of repeat of the day before’s performance, only this time the tube was loosened from the bag somehow which generated a small flood (thank goodness for the towel!). My body still did not like it, and I had the sensation that I was purposely making myself induce symptoms that I exhibited during food poisoning….Good, excellent, my boyfriend said, this meant that my body was purging itself of the toxins, throwing them out (by the way, did you know that we consume on average 5 pounds of synthetic chemicals in our food a year???)….. He explained that the purpose of the green drink was to scrub the insides, and the purpose of the delicious fruit juice is to detox the body.  Because there is no mastication, no acids are produced and the digestive tract can rest and the body can detox….Great. Great.  Now was the time that all of those thousands of cartons of ice cream consumed over the years could finally get out of my body. All that said, however,  still wanted to eat. It was the 4th day of no cooked food, a world-record to me as far as I was concerned…..

I got to drink more tea that day.  My boyfriend, in order to keep peace, made me tea, it really lifted my mood….I marveled at how my sense of smell was continuing to shift and how sensitive I had become to some of the essential oils….some that I really enjoyed were a bit too overbearing for me and others were more delicious-smelling than ever (lemon oil, yummy!, but vetiver I needed to pass on, although I usually love the smell)…..

I wanted to give quit, but I thought no way, I am 4 days into this thing, more than half way there, I do not want to turn back now.

So I continued.  Water. Delicious fruit juice shakes.  Green drink. Water.  Tea.  Reflection about life and where I was going.  Prayer. Meditation.  A hot bath with detox. salts.

And watching the Jets loose to GreenBay :-/

One more day of not eating.  I can do this, I told myself, I can do this.

To be continued………

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So, here it is, at long last.  I’m fasting voluntarily for the first time in my life. Oh sure, I fasted involuntarily during a bout of food poisoning many years ago. But now, who me, fast, voluntarily, now???  Why on earth would I do this???  Oh yes, because I want to unclog my ears and because I said I would……The first day of the fast was not pretty.  I was irritable and cranky. Visions of lasagne danced in my head.  I wanted to quit several times.  I thought, why am I doing this?  It’s freezing outside, it’s natural to eat in the winter.  The second day was better, I was in better spirits although still a little cranky, and at about 8:00 p.m. I really was craving cooked food.  As I started to type this, it was day 3, of the fast and then all of sudden I find that it is now 3 weeks later as I get back to this blog…it’s amazing but I feel that fasting actually helped manifest the events that happened following the days after the fast.  That is, doing the internal work manifested the physical reality. Things like: finally after years of me asking, my landlord installed brand new floors into my apartment ….new clients have retained me….my organization with essential oils is rapidly growing….and I feel a renewed sense of wellness and/vitality.

That all being said, here’s what happened:

Day 3 – Day 1 of the fast, another day of non-cooked food.  I woke with thoughts of food floating in my head (lasagna, chock full of tasty sauce and dripping with gooey cheese please!) and also with thoughts of……the dreaded enema.  I wondering how I was going to make it through three whole days of not eating. And how in the heck was I going to get through the enema.  The enema, my boyfriend explained, was an essential part of the fast. The purpose of it was for irrigating residue from the intestines, purging toxins and chemicals from all of the digestive organs including bile from the liver and  and to expedite elimination.  Hoo boy, I do not have trouble eliminating, why would I want to do that for??????

So, the day started as it normally went the past 6 months: 2 glasses water (look folks, make sure there is no FLOURIDE or CHLORINE IN THE WATER!), followed by a green drink, kale, parsley, celery with filtered water blended in Blendtech.  Next up, I indulged in decaf coffee with organic milk and honey (this is not the typical fast by any means)……later, I had a delicious shake  blended with banana, avocado, raw coconut oil, dates, figs, cashews, almonds, pear, apple, wolfberry juice, lecithin, mancha powder, filtered water and ice cubes….yep, it was delicious.  I was ingesting lots of healthy fats and calories.  My body though was saying, errr, uhmm…eXCUSe ME….could you please uhmm….fEEd me sOMEe FOOD??  SOMETHING COOKED FOR GODS SAKE????? HOW ABOUT THE LASAGNA?? AN EENSY-WEENSY PIECE??? please?????

First thing in the morning, I had a powerful spiritual reading done long-distance via phone which took several hours, it was an amazing session (not related to the fast). Then, after that…it was time to do….the dreaded enema….For starters, I had bought a bright orange/salmon-colored bag at the drugstore the night prior that came complete with a hook and tubing and a clamp.  According to my boyfriend, a woman named Shazzie actually demo’d on YouTube how to use the enema (fully clothed!).  It’s no big deal, I was told, many people do it!!!!  So, we warmed a large pot of filtered water with lots of lemon squeezed into it (only warm, not hot, otherwise I would be scalded!). Then this water was poured into that stylin’  bag….the clamp was undone to test to see if the water flowed freely through the tube (to make sure that the pits in the lemon did not block it) and then clamped again.  Before entering the bathroom, I placed the kitty litter box outside, and  and then I grabbed a towel in case of spills or something. I passed on the recommended pillow to prop myself up on my side…..I dipped the tip of the tube in Vitamin E oil before I began…..As instructed, I hung the bag high up on a towel rack, the tube went into my body, and I unfastened the clamp.  I had instructions to be in a child’s pose and to gently massage the water so that it went up into the colon and to hold it inside for five minutes before releasing.  I will spare you the details but I can say that it was difficult to hold the water inside (my body was not having that!) and I only went through half a bag of water.  I can however say that I made it through my first enema and I survived it.

The rest of the day was spent quietly, talking, drinking water…..we went for a walk in the cold, taking in fresh air, getting our blood circulating.  We had another shake later in the day, and I was so cranky that my boyfriend permitted me to drink some tea with milk (again, not the typical fast!). I felt much better after that cup of tea and my mood brightened immediately.  My boyfriend was astounded – to think there was magic in a cup of tea!

Finally, off to bed early, and I was left wondering how I was going to get through two more days of not eating, and then two more days of eating raw food……..to be continued……

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Well, I’m finally doing this.  I’ve geared up several times in the past, only to back out just hours before.  And now, here I am; I have finally taken a leap of faith and am cleansing my body by eating raw food for 2 days, fasting for 3 days, and then eating raw food for 2 days. I am nearing the end of the second day of eating raw.  As I sit here at my dining room table typing, I feel a bit empty and out of it.  The dark cold night calls me to nosh on piping hot foods to warm and comfort my body.  But alas, that’s not gonna happen during the next 5 days.  I have been assured by boyfriend, a raw food coach, that this diet is going to clean me out and will unclog and stop the ringing in my ears, a chronic condition that I have had for the last six years.  I have to admit, I have been a grinch about this whole process and by no means thrilled.  I love to eat food and do not like to be told what I can and cannot eat.  Food not only nourishes me, but empowers, reassures, and comforts me.  Knowing that I cannot run into the kitchen and eat cooked foods, I feel a bit vulnerable and disempowered. Oh, but wait a minute, I tell myself.  I am actually the one who agreed to this fast, in part to keep my word that I would do it, and also to see what is actually going to happen (will my ears really stop ringing?)…..

Here’s the juicy of what has happened so far:

Day 1. I had a green drink in the morning as I normally do.  The green drink usually consists of kale, parsley, celery, blended in the BlendTech and sets a great tone for the day for my body and spirit.  Yesterday however, instead of the kale, we used Mustard Greens.  Oops! Wrong greens!  The drink tasted like hot mustard and I could feel it zinging and scrubbing as it winded its way down my digestive tract.  It was alkalizing but my body was not liking it very much; I felt a bit nauseated. My boyfriend passed out on the couch from the impact of the greens and I found myself burping while working.  Later, I had a blended delicious fruit juice made with things like bananas and raw coconut, aahhhh, much better.  For lunch I had a yummy salad with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and raw almonds and cashews. I had dinner with a colleague at a place serving delicious Italian food.  Eschewing the bread on the table, I gratefully ate olives and the celery.  Then, I sat rapturously listening to the maitre’d describe a sumptuous and divine menu complete with gnochhi, halibut, and red snapper with jalapenos.  I asked for a large salad with mixed greens, tomatoes and raw walnuts.  It was delicious.  Afterwards, a cart full of cheese was wheeled over, and I wistfully said no thank you and watched it being wheeled away.  A plate of cookies was placed on the table; none for me thank you!  I had a cup of decaf coffee with honey and some milk as well as some berries for dessert.  Phew. Made it through the first day.

Day 2. First thing in the morning was the green drink, this time we made it with kale, parsley and celery (thank goodness no mustard greens!).  So far, so good.  Next, a cleansing fruit juice with blueberries and raspberries.  After that, another drink with raw coconut, almonds, and cashews, very tasty.  Lunch was a raw salad with lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, and onions.  Sometime in the afternoon I began wanting to have some cooked food, and I had to tell myself that I would not be having any for the next 5 days…it was actually a pretty sobering thought to me, I have no idea how I was going to get through it.  The fast requires enemas and I had not bought an enema bag yet, so we went shopping for one.  Woohoo.  Bought my first enema bag; I never thought I would ever buy and use one.  I blanched at the thought and was by no means enthused.  Dinner, the last hurrah, consisted of homemade guacamole and raw chips.  Ok, I am still with it but am still wondering what is going to happen.

Next up, 3 days of fasting….to be continued.

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Right now, I am sitting in my friend Mari’s apartment, totally relaxed. This is because she just gave me a raindrop technique treatment using her essential oils. My back feels warm with cool rivers running through it at the same time. Instead of falling asleep, which I was tempted to do, I’m excited to be introducing you to her. She’s going to be writing about her raw food diet!

I met Mari at the Landmark Forum and then we went through the entire curriculum together. We were in a group together during a 2-month long seminar and we’ve gotten to each other really well. She’s a lawyer, a healer, an essential oils educator and distributor, a salsa dancer, and a beautiful lady and friend.

Welcome, Mari!

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