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M brings us up to speed on her 30-day challenge progress!

Yesterday was day #3. Again, time went by pretty quickly. I noticed that I didn’t really have much resistance at all to getting my butt moving (yaay for small victories!). Maybe, it was the sunny, breezy weather. Maybe, the stars were aligned. Who knows. But, boy was I glad to have another opportunity to get my sweat on!

I really think that just knowing that I’m doing something to nurture my body and spirit – that I’m consciously setting time aside for me- makes me feel awesome! It’s like giving myself a big hug! Like I shared in the last post, it doesn’t matter what else is going on in the day – what else I’m doing or not doing. Those 30 minutes are all about L-O-V-I-N-G ME!

Now, don’t think that the pitter, patter, negative chatter, doesn’t enter my head when it does. Oh yes, there’s always the little nagging voice that has something to say. My inner critic is a big mouth! “Well, if you’re sweating it out, you really should be eating better,” or “P-u-h-l-e-e-ze! What difference is 30 minutes going to make in your life?” Perhaps the chatter will continue. Maybe, it won’t. But it doesn’t really matter. You know why…… because I’m DOING THE DAMN THING ANYWAY!!! That’s right!

Well, today is a day off. Tomorrow begins week #2. Four days of sweatin’! Game on!!


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From M, who is doing her own 30-day challenge:

Today was all good. Time flew by so quickly. I must have had some pent up energy because I felt like I could have just kept going and going on the elliptical machine!  Any slight resistance that I may have had evaporated once I stepped on. I covered the screen on the machine with a magazine, tuned into the radio speakers, and was jammin’ – “Give it away, give it away, give it away now!” I love that song. Oh yeah…. I was getting my jam ON! As a side note, I seriously need to get an iPod nano or something.

Anyway, at some point on my elliptical journey, waves of gratitude hit me. Gratitude for the willingness to commit to this; gratitude for my legs moving me along; gratitude to my friend M who’s doing this with me; gratitude to Elizabeth for doing it (damn it!). Mostly though, as I pushed and moved, I felt grateful to be showing up for myself – giving my body and my spirit what it needed in the moment. I felt energized and happy.

That’s it really. No matter what else happens in the day, I loved myself up for one whole minute, 30 X’s. And tomorrow, I get to do it again!

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I am so excited to share my very first guest contributor. My friend M mentioned to me a week ago that she wanted to take something on, some sort of 30-day challenge herself, specifically in the world of exercise and movement. A week later I find out that she’s talked to her friend M, and the two of them have begun their 30-day challenge together! She wrote this entry last night, so she is now officially on Day 2. Bring it!

Check out her entry:

Inspiration Strikes!

The last couple of weeks I’ve been chatting with Elizabeth about her 30 Day Bikram Challenge (day 17 for her, woo-hoo!). Last week it got me thinking…..

What would I like to take on? What is something that I would like to do?

Now, the moment that I posed this question to myself my mind went blank. Of course there are a gazillion things I’d like to do, but the moment that I seriously began to ponder the possibility, excuses started to pop into my mind.

Well, excuses be damned! I had a pass to a local gym….and actually went a few days. It was then that I realized that my body has been CRAVING movement – physical activity of some kind. Like the break a sweat, get your stank on, kind. I must preface this by saying that before this gym pass, I had not gotten my, “sweat on” in YEARS. During one of the fitness classes, I thought that I was going to die. Yeah, well, a bouncing bunny I am not. But the sense of accomplishment afterwards was awesome! So, the seed was planted.

Earlier this week  I spoke with a friend of mine. I knew that she was looking to get physical too. I told her that I was thinking of committing to doing some kind of physical activity for X times a week for 30 days, and asked if she would like to do it with me. She said yes! Last night we solidified the deal. Awesome! Now, we can encourage each other as we go through this together.

It was interesting to see how the universe seemed to support me once I really began to commit to the idea. I was able to get another guest pass to the gym. There, I met a women who works there and we had a great – no, an amazing conversation. We share quite a bit in common. Our conversation was actually kind of deep considering that we were in a gym and that we had only spoken maybe twice before. I’m meeting her at the gym on Saturday. I’m going to break a sweat, then we’re going to chat. Oh, and I joined. Yep, I did it.

So, here’s the low down on the next 30 days. My friend M and I are committed to breaking a sweat for 30 consecutive minutes, 4 x’s a week. The activity is unimportant, as long as we get our sweat on.

Today was day #1. I sweated it out on the elliptical machine. I got there. I started to talk myself out of going, but I went and….I DID THE DAMN THING! There are two more days left in this week. That means the gym (or something) for the next two days. I’ll keep you posted!

Join me. What would you like to do? What would you like to take on?

Congrats M!

One thing I love about M & M’s decision is that they chose 4 days a week for 30 days. This would be an amazing habit to develop, which this month could really help them to launch. It’s also a reminder that YOU get to choose what your own challenge looks like. Set yourself up for success, a goal that will challenge and push you but not set yourself up for injury or burnout. Way to go, M!

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