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A couple days after returning from my meditation course, I felt completely exhausted. I allowed myself a couple days to rest… ┬ámostly. You know, besides catching up with emails, voicemails, texts, important Things To Do, bills to pay, etc. etc. Okay, so, a few hours to really rest.

And, Wednesday I discovered I was ill, and it is stress- and fatigue-related. You can imagine my surprise! After going to a meditation retreat??? This is what happens?? So I’ve had to cancel work and all social engagements and am basically spending all my time at home in bed catching up on Glee and 30 Rock. (I just finished Tina Fey’s book this morning. Once she gets into improv, it starts getting good!)

So, I really can only laugh. Because now, I am really forced to relax. I mean, truly learn the art of relaxation. My body has demanded that I rest and only rest. Looking back, I can see how I didn’t take care of my body. Taking my New York habits of “pummelling through” with me to Vipassana did not quite do the trick.

My body never wanted to get up for those 4 AM wake up calls at Vipassana. (They don’t call them “optional” but no one drags you out of bed in the morning. It’s actually your call to make.)

The first two days, I really went for it. And spent those two-hour sitting periods trying to stay awake. I had trouble falling asleep at night so this added to the pain of attempting to wake up a few hours later. The third day, I decided to sleep in. And felt like a fresh faced bunny going in to breakfast at 6:30, showering after, feeling nice & bright eyed & bushy-tailed for the 8am meditation. I felt guilty. Who am I to feel rested? I’m here to work! For the rest of the week, it was a battle. My roommates launched out of bed at 4am to brush their teeth and go meditate. So of course, I should too! It became sketch comedy for me. One morning I went to the meditation hall at 4:30, only to return to my room a half hour later. No one was in there… maybe they still thought I was in the hall meditating! I cozily got under the covers and went back to sleep. Minutes later, not one but two roommates return, preferring to meditate in the room this morning. When I awoke at 6:30, there they still sit–STOICLY, meditating!!!

Another day, I decide, okay—I will meditate in my room! At 4:30 I get up and sit on my bed. I fall over asleep. I feel so embarrassed—it looks so easy for my roommates. Some form or another of this routine follows for the rest of the 10 days.

My body clearly needed more rest. I did not give my body rest because I feared what my roommates would think.

And guess what I found out at the end of the week? They both said that they had the best meditations at 4:30am. They felt the clearest headed. They had more trouble later in the day. I was trying to keep up with the rhythms of someone else’s body, not my own!

Now my body is forcing me to really learn to listen to it. All it wants is rest.

So, after tending very dearly to my spirit and mind, now I tend to my body. I hope that all this is teaching me how to do all three of these things in whatever I am doing. And I must say, my spirit and mind are wholeheartedly enjoying all of this Glee and 30 Rock too.


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This weekend I got initiated in First Degree Reiki, in the Usui System of Natural Healing.

Reiki is universal life force energy. This is a healing method through laying on of hands and passing this energy. Although “passing” is not quite the right word. Throughout the weekend, I discovered that our language does not quite do service to Reiki. The energy does not get passed, and we are not quite “vessells” for the energy. Once you are initiated, it is within you forever. And using our hands, the Reiki knows exactly where to go and what to heal. Our job is merely to pay attention and listen to our intuition with the placement of hands.

What I noticed about myself through the weekend was that I felt calm all over. The voices and the judgments that flow so freely in my head were subdued. I learned that Reiki does all the work. It finds where you most need the healing energy and goes there.

I felt drawn to get this initiation over the past couple weeks. What I love about Reiki is that it is open to absolutely everyone. You don’t have to be enlightened, you don’t have to be special, and if you are those two things it doesn’t mean anything about your Reiki practice. The energy is clearer and stronger the more you use it. And one of the foremost parts of this practice is that you are to heal yourself first. Fill yourself up abundantly with this energy so that you have a surplus. And then you are free to treat others. And the joy of getting this training was that my ego had no place. I couldn’t do it “wrong” or “right.” My ego can’t use Reiki to lift me up or trample me to the ground. Mwahaha! Got ya, ego!

On the subject of “doing things dammit,” I feel pretty pleased with how this came about. My dear friend’s Reiki Master invited me to come to her house over the weekend to be trained in Reiki after I had called to find out a little more about Reiki. I took about 10 minutes to think about it, and I knew in my gut I wanted to jump at this opportunity. I rode the bus upstate, seeing the beautiful mountains and small towns… I arrived and Ellen, the Reiki Master, and her boyfriend Loren fed me delicious food and showed me around their garden. This is the best way to learn anything, in the comfort of a warm home.

It was a beautiful experience in itself, and throughout the bus ride home I treated myself, filling myself up with energy.

In two days I leave for Vipassana. I’m so happy to have this energy with me.

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