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take it off!

Remember my friend Renee? Or should I say, “Renee La Vie”?

Here is an update from her:

SO. Tonight I will complete my 8th Burlesque class. I have been amazed at how empowered and confident I feel during and after each class. I actually walk out feeling SEXY and CONFIDENT. I love it and look forward to classes every week.

PLUS, it’s kind of naughty and feels like you are doing something you shouldn’t, which makes it even more fun.

I highly recommend it!!

I must add that I did burlesque once a couple years ago and it was one of my favorite experiences ever. Congrats Renee!!!


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Renee La Vie!

My friend Renee emailed me today telling me what she is doing, dammit…..

taking Burlesque Classes! I picked my Burly name: Renee La Vie!

Nice!!! She told me she’s in her third week of classes. I’ve always wanted to try pole dancing classes…. or belly dancing!

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