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Rodney finished up his 5 weeks of writing a song a week with this one, “motivated.”

From Rodney:

i did it da**it, and i’m growing in knowledge of garage band and music composition which was a latent goal for me.

He found a really groovy sound in all his songs, all of them have this really chillax vibe (yes, chillax!) which take you straight to sitting on a beach chair in the sand under an umbrella drinking a daquiri. I enjoyed each new song each week.

And it inspires me to take on something musically… Perhaps like practicing the mandolin!

Next up for Rodney? Check out his music duo, Squirm and Germ!


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It’s Monday, so that means I have a new song from Rodney to share today.

From Rodney:

inspired by what i was feeling.  and that was that my philadelphia eagles are absolutely terrible.  awful.  make too many mistakes.  and yet, life can be joyous if they somehow shock me and win a game.

Listen to it: why do i watch the eagles

And did I mention I applied to take the 10-day vipassana meditation course this spring? I did!

And here’s an email I got today:

It’s going to kick my booty. I can’t wait. I’m going!


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Happy Monday to everybody!

I’ve got a song from Rodney to share today.

Just TRY and not smile when you listen to it: “Lonely Italian.”

I’m happy to report on myself that I did fulfill my 5 days of mediating a week last week. The goal is to do 15 minutes a day for the next three months. Most days I have ended up doing more than that. I’ve used some different guided meditations or even tried ye’ olde’ breathing and naming thoughts. That’s been interesting because instead of being so incredibly attached to what I am thinking, I just name it: anxiety, planning, anxiety, fear, fear, excitement, fear, planning…

At the end of last week I decided I wanted to add on 1/2 hour of writing 5 days a week, and 10 minutes of yoga. So I am basically creating my whole morning routine to get grounded. I am going to officially begin that this week! The few days i did write or do yoga it really was a great gift.

Also another small thing I’m doing is asking myself this question, “How can I really take care of myself right now?” That might mean something simple like: take a shower. eat. go outside. But just thinking of it in that context creates some great self-care.

Olia, who is doing her month-long project of writing for a half-hour every day, now has her own URL! http://www.oliarights.com! I love reading Olia’s entries. Here’s something I really enjoyed:

My Birthday is coming up and I am turning 33.  My mom was the first to say that this is Jesus’s age.  What does that mean, the year he died?  No, its the year he was Resurrected. This project is a resurrection of my life.


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This is the second week of Rodney’s song challenge. (He’s writing one new song a week, using his voice as the primary instrument.)

My inspiration this week, was taking the inspiration of a cold fall night and looking forward to a nice warm cozy bed.  and the fact that they don’t play lullaby’s on the radio – or at least not the stations I listen to.  It’s been good to make some songs.  James Brown didn’t make “I Feel Good” without making, “I Feel — Wait a minute how can i express this?” first.  I can only grow and inspire myself and others as I continue making music.

Check out “Lullaby” here!

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My friend Rodney Umble is writing a song a week for the next five weeks. He’s a sketch comedian, actor, and improviser. He’s done some singing and rapping in his comedy troupe Drop Six (like in this video!). Now he is creating entire songs by himself, using only his voice as the instrument (or drumming on the “tummy region”). Check it:

So I’m doing it d***it.  And one of these days I’ll be doing it and expressing myself without all the asterisks.  I’m going to create one song a week for the next 5 weeks using only me – voice/sounds/drumming on the desk and/or tummy region.  For too long I’ve made excuses for why I don’t have a cd out or why I’m not proficient in music: I never learned piano or guitar and the one instrument I did learn to play, the trumpet, is one which I can’t sing along with while I’m playing it.  The list goes on – I don’t have a music studio, drum machine, or the dance moves of William Hung.  Enough of the lame dog ate my rhythm excuses.  Thanks in part to the inspiration of this blog, I’m going to stop making excuses and make some music.

The first one short, sweet and called, “The Little Birdies.”

Enjoy –
Rodney Umble

Listen to Rodney’s song, “The Little Birdies,” here!

I love the song. It is definitely not what I expected when Rodney said he’d be doing accapella songs. He made use of his voice for more than just singing, creating rhythm and adding to the fullness of sound. It’s a groovy little song. I want more! I guess I’ll just have to wait until next week!

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