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My natural state is that of skeptic, but I’ve noticed that skepticism keeps me from truly loving my life, growing, stretching and receiving.

When I don’t believe, I do not receive. It’s as simple as that. When I let go of my disbelief and allow myself to relax into the possibility, magic shows up in my life. Again and again.

My latest lady crush: Alexis Neely


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Today’s edition of I’m Doing It Dammit introduces a new segment called things i like. It is all about things & people that I think are awesome.

Today’s things i like: inspirin ladies!

Stephanie St.Claire: Blissbombed

This is a lady to get to know &  “like” on her Facebook page if you enjoy beautiful, down-to-earth nuggets of joy and wisdom and love and play. She just launched her coaching business, “Blissbombed: Living a divinely-inspired kickass life that rules the world.” What I love about Stephanie is her boldness in sharing herself and putting her heart right there on the page. Nothing she says is manufactured… It all comes from love, her experience, and her true intention to inspire & lead others to create “kickass lives that rule the world.” She intertwines beautiful photos, film, and music in her work to make her sites FUN & artistic. 

Gabrielle Bernstein

The more I listen to her or read what she has to say, the more I like her. She draws a lot from A Course in Miracles. (Book club! Who wants to read A Course in Miracles with me?) Kerry Henwood, Austrailian shaman (inspirin lady) says:

There is a new spiritual wholeness emerging for all to integrate and embody…encouraging you to live freely from your authentic/true self, where divine guidance comes from within and where life expands into a playful place of infinite, creative possibilities.  Make it your destiny to be your own teacher, your own prophet, and your own guiding light.

This is also a part of what Gabrielle has to say—that we each have our own “inner guidance system.” I like that more and more speakers/writers/leaders are empowering people to just get connected to themselves.

Marie Forelo

Why am I writing today? Because I watched her video about procrastination. She mentions Seth Godin’s “Ship it” mantra: “One key element of a successful artist: ship. Get it out the door. Make things happen.” I get so rattled in trying to figure out exactly what my “angle” is or what I’m doing that is going to be different than what everyone else is doing. The result: I don’t do anything. I want to be a shipper

(Fun fact: I first heard of Marie Forleo through health coach Lisa Fabrega, another inspirin lady. I subscribed to her email list and began watching her videos… only to discover my friends Grace N Michelle (Internet Superstar inspirin ladies) work with her making her videos. P.S. Grace N Michelle define Seth’s idea of shipping. They are so good at constantly churning out content).

Of course these are only a few. Who are some ladies that inspire you?

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