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And today it is very sunny!

I am in Montreal, Canada and it is beautiful. I’m on my 3rd full day here after arriving way late Tuesday night. I’m here to perform in the Montreal Fringe Festival, and do my solo show AM I BLUE.

The area that the festival is in is all around boulevard St-Laurent. A great street that reminds me of the East Village with French flair. And then all the little side streets are pieces of France. Beautiful old houses and apartment buildings with vines on the sides and winding staircases, a full array of colored brick, cobblestone streets, even the shape, the corner of the streets are beautiful restaurants and cafes.

Today is this immaculate weather, the sun is shining, and it’s the most comfortable 71 degrees. Or 21 degrees as it is described up here.

I’m in a little coffee shop where everything is in French, but it looks exactly like Starbucks. Well, what ya gonna do when you need some free WiFi. I’ve got a suitcase beside me because I’ve been temporarily displaced. Yep. The festivals have this great billeting system where you are able to stay with folks rather than paying for a hotel. Unfortunately my host had to kick me out for the weekend. (Turns out her aunt, who owns the apt, does not like her having couchsurfers. And her aunt decided she’d like to come to the apt this weekend!)

There’s enough to think about with postering, finding the best places to poster, handing out posters, perfecting the 30 second pitch, figuring out how to speak to people without being a total asshole (as French is the native Language, but everyone speaks English as well). “Bonjour! … So, I’m doing this show in the Fringe… By the way, can I sleep over?”

The people are incredibly friendly, kind, and interested in speaking to you and get to know you. There are Fringe parties every night and great chances to meet people and sell your show. I have to push myself a bit to do all the networking business. It’s so important. That’s how to get people to the show!

I bought this super sweet piece of luggage before I left. It’s a backpack/carry-on/strapped/rolly piece. And just the feeling of buying it felt SO GOOD.

So tomorrow night is opening night! My theater is a wonderful space. It’s right around the corner from the beer tent, which is the main gathering point for Fringers. It’s a red building that used to be a fire house, and it has beautiful ivy hanging around it. I had been told my venue may be way far away, and that was a big concern. I’m so happy that it is right in the center of everything.

More later. This coffee shop is a little too cozy. I should be strolling these streets (there’s a street fair outside) before heading to do more postering, postcarding, and drinking. (The three most important aspects of getting folks to your show.)

Not that different from NYC, really.


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