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a character’s evolution

I like what Jamie said. “Writing makes me feel better.” Writing always makes me feel better. Even when I am starting from “good.” Then it goes to “better.”

Today was a great day. I rehearsed my solo show with my director and friend Maia. I’ve been tooling with this baby since I started it in Fall of 2009! Although actually the brainstorming began a whole year prior. I did the first incarnation in November 2009, the second in April 2010, and now the third in Feb. 2011! My vision has become clearer, for the journey I want to show of this character. I’ve taken scenes out and put scenes in and taken them out and put old scenes back in again, tweaked, with new scenes. Ah, the creative process.

One exciting part of this whole process is that as I have changed, so has the character. The first show, she was very much insecure and a bit sad, stuck in some victimization of all these situations that keep happening. But I promise it was still funny. 🙂 In the next portion, she’s a bit less sad, but still quite insecure, and much more intent about her purpose. (The purpose being: finding her purpose!) Now after today’s rehearsal, she isn’t so insecure anymore! I didn’t plan on this, it just didn’t happen. But the gal has as many anxieties as Woody Allen.

I left feeling so… good. So fulfilled. This is what people must feel like when they do what they love absolutely every day! The process has been so interesting, and now I am at the point in my show where I can really play with moments, I can let go of worrying about lines and truly just be there in this journey.

I’m excited to do it in February. (Feb. 22 at the Peoples Improv Theater!) And I’m excited to then do it in Montreal and Ottawa in June. (I just got word that I got into the Ottawa Festival).

I need something to move towards, something to chew on.

And this tastes yummy!


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Just call me June Carter Cash

Today I did something super groovy!!!

My friend Marshall York, who guest posted a couple months ago about his 31/31 project (31 songs in 31 days) is at it again! For each day in January he writes and records a new song. And some days, he has special guests!

Today I was his special guest. We wrote this song: “Kiss Me Til Tuesday.”

I love music. I want to be a better musician. The writing part came so naturally, and we work together really well. It was such a fun time! Hope you enjoy the song!

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photo by Keith Huang


My dear friend Marshall, a ridiculously talented and hard-working musician, actor, and improviser, spent the month of January, 2010 writing a song every single day.  Here’s what he has to say about the experience:

Everyday in January of 2010, I wrote and recorded a new song in a day.  As a result, I ended up with 31 songs in 31 days.  I did this for personal reasons and it ended up being one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.  It was incredibly fun and I ended up going to corners of my head that I didn’t know existed.  There were times when it wasn’t easy; many diversions called out to me (namely television).  But discipline is the grease that provides lots of surprises along the way.  Day by day, it can be done.  A challenge like this is a gift you give yourself.

Here’s a sampling of the work he created during that month. His song, “Party Lights” makes me want to groove out on a beach drinking a pina colada. Check out the rest of his blog to listen to all of the music that he created that month.

This inspires me. I think once I am done doing 30 days of bikram yoga I want to take on an artistic challenge!

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