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Alright, Day 16, here we are. You and me, baby. Let’s do this.

Last night’s dinner was salmon and tons of veggies. Hopefully that gave me more of those important nutrients than the previous evening’s tostadas. And I feel like I am always drinking a bottle of water. So today should be fine. More than fine. Great! Right? Yeah! Okay! Great! Let’s have a great class!

Today I got two emails from friends who are running marathons and raising money for charities. One is my improv buddy Mandy (we played on a house team together last year), who is raising money for Team for Kids. On Sunday, she ran 16 miles around a MOUNTAIN. Check out her marathon page here.

And another friend which I know from both comedy and proofreading (really? yeah!) is running a marathon in Ireland. Rachel, can you check out the goat farms for me while you’re there? Thanks!

She and her boyfriend are running for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. Her page is here.

I have to admit, there’s this list I wrote a year ago that I need to track down. I wrote a list of all the things I wanted to do this year after deciding not to re-audition for an improv house team. I wanted to make sure I really used this time for more than sitting on my butt. Turns out, I really enjoy sitting on my butt… in a chair on one of our porches drinking tea… Anyways, running a marathon was on that list. The problem is, I don’t so much like running. That might get in the way. (and btw–The 30-day challenge was on this list.)

Still, it’s one of those colossal accomplishments that must feel amazing to complete. The idea’s still bouncing around in there. I’m not quite at a place where I want to “DO IT, DAMMIT” yet!

One thing at a time… WATER! Time to drink WATER! Sweating it all out in 2 hours!


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